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Think of MediaPort as a massive library that powers CTI Solutions Group’s image workflow management system. Whether you’re storing life style images, product images or style guides for your licensees, MediaPort makes it easy to access your images in the way that works best for you.

MediaPort allows you to search by keywords, by uploading an Excel document that contains your image meta-data, or by folder structures – an especially important feature for the licensing industry. Licensors also can easily update product style guides, cutting down on the time and cost of physically delivering new versions to their licensees.

A cookie trail makes navigating the system backwards and forwards a snap. MediaPort also features a contract compliance feature that ensures folders are only opened by appropriate users, another feature with special appeal for the licensing industry.

But how you use MediaPort is entirely up to you. CTI Solutions Group understands that every business is different, every project is different and every user is different.

Why not check out your new image library?

Business Benefits:

  • Manage entire libraries of image files and product data throughout the full storage, publication, and sales lifecycle
  • Create, customize and publish sales and marketing collateral instantaneously
  • Reduce production and technology costs
  • Increase efficiency of sales, marketing, and distribution channels
  • Ensure brand consistency
  • Eliminate digital asset storage and maintenance headaches

Technical Features:

Why MediaPort™?

  • Web-enabled
  • Password protected, permission based access
  • Automated for print and electronic formats
  • Fully customizable
  • Multi-language support
  • Founded on open-source automated production software
  • Web based asset management portal stores all forms of images and documents, and acts as the distribution point for marketing and product images for licensors, vendors and distributors.