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MerchTrak is aimed squarely at the unique needs of the merchandising sector. It’s a scheduling, planning and expense tracking tool wrapped up in one elegant package. Most important, it’s a way to ensure that key accounts get the attention they deserve and that your products get the presentation they need.

Regional merchandising planners and coordinators access MerchTrak via the internet using a secure user name and password. Once in the system, it’s a simple matter to schedule appointments for your field personnel and to let them know they’ve got calls to make. It’s also a snap to combine calls so merchandisers can hit all their stops within a specific area.

Merchandisers use the system to collect sales and inventory information from each location, which allows the planners and coordinators to make informed decisions about which products and point-of-sale materials are needed at each location. This process can be made even easier by integrating MerchTrak with CTI Solutions Group’s OrderPort order entry application.

Once a visit is concluded, the merchandiser then uses MerchTrak to record mileage, expenses and time spent on each call. MerchTrak then adds up expenses and time, imports the information to an ADP-approved template and sends the information off to payroll.

Instead of tracking the flurry of faxes flying back and forth, cluttering up in-and-out boxes, you’ll have more time to analyze the strategic needs of your business.

Business Benefits:

  • The ability to record and communicate brand exposure, by location.
  • Collect sale information, inventory, payroll and performance information on a per store, per visit basis.
  • Ability for merchandisers to order supplies for stores.

Technical Features:

Why MerchTrak™?

  • Web-enabled
  • Password protected, permission based access
  • Automated for print and electronic formats
  • Fully customizable
  • Multi-language support
  • Founded on open-source automated production software
  • This product line allows you to track your brand during it's life cycle through merchandisers, sales, stores, payroll, performance, ordering online