Color Technology Inc.

Workflow System™ Overview:

More than ever, digital assets are encumbering today's enterprises. As companies seek to derive sales and marketing returns from their myriad product images, descriptions and specifications, too often these electronic assets generate more inefficiencies than proficiencies, more expenditures than cost savings. With a data lifecycle that is constantly changing and never-ending - through repeated collect, customization, publication, and distribution - enterprises need a tool that can seamlessly facilitate the entire process.

Color Technology's comprehensive Workflow System provides a modular solution for managing electronic resources in an easy, consistent, and cost-effective manner. The Workflow System facilitates and tracks digital assets throughout their lifecycle, from indexing and retrieval to collateral creation and distribution to sales fulfillment and inventory control. This secure, Web-based solution can be employed through separate components - MediaPort for storage and management; ProjectPort for customization and publication; and OrderPort for sales fulfillment and tracking - or as a fully integrated, end-to-end system.

By streamlining the management and utilization of digital assets, Color Technology's Workflow System increases sales and market efficiency, reduces production and technology costs, and helps ensure brand consistency.